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Allied Health

Employee's efficiency can often depend on their health & well-being. Tensegrity are able to set-up an on site clinic run by an expert practitioner to provide health and wellness services whilst minimising disruption to employees at minimal cost to the company. Ergonomics checks, injury assessments and educational workshops can also be offered.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Therapists can provide punctual on site services with minimal set up and pack up times to minimise disturbance to your staff. Research has shown that regular massage can increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, help employers attract top talent, increase employee retention and decrease workers compensation claims.

Fitness and Training

The human body is made to move. When we are in a corporate environment, sometimes our body does not get the activity that it needs. With fitness classes, we can help promote health and fitness, increase alertness and productivity, provide stress relief and can also help with team bonding.

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