Sweets, Stretches & Snips!

About Tensegrity

Tensegrity Sports Clinics’ chiropractors are experts in movement and function and exist to provide accessible treatment for restoring and improving the wellbeing and performance of our patients.

With more than 10 years of experience working alongside PTs and Sydney’s best gyms, our team is focused on helping their patients achieve their performance goals while avoiding injury and reducing pain or discomfort.

Did you know that the average person spends 14 hours a year at the salon?

While that’s valuable time catching up with your stylist to leave looking your best, we know this can cause a few general aches and pains. Check out some quick stretches below you can do right now to ward away a stiff neck and back!

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Upper Trapezius Stretch

  1. Start in a seated position.
  2. Place the hand on the symptomatic side under your chair.
  3. Take your other hand and place it on your head.
  4. Tilt your ear directly down towards your shoulder and hold this position.
  5. You should feel a stretch down the side of your neck.


Levator Scap Stretch

  1. Start in a seated position.
  2. Place the hand of the side you want to stretch behind your back.
  3. Take the opposite hand and pull your head forwards and to the opposite side at an angle, until you feel a stretch from the base of your skull down into your shoulder blade.
  4. Hold this stretch.


Chin Tuck

  1. Start in a seated position with your shoulders pulled back and down.
  2. Look straight forward.
  3. Tuck your chin in, as to resemble a double chin, hold this position.
  4. Do not allow your head to move downwards.


Cervical Flexion

  1. Sit up straight in a chair looking directly ahead.
  2. Perform a chin tuck, keeping your gaze directly forward and your head in the same rotation.
  3. Think about lengthening through the back of your neck.
  4. Place your hands over the top of your head.
  5. Maintaining a chin tuck, gently pull your head downwards.
  6. You may feel a stretch at the very base of your skull.
  7. Hold this position.


Trunk Rotation

  1. Sit upright in a chair and rotate your body round to one side, using your arms on the back of the chair to pull yourself round further.
  2. This should feel like a stretch through the torso.


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