Corporate Offering Services

With a strong focus on treating postural dysfunctions developed at a work desk, Anne applies her extensive understanding of human biomechanics and her multi-modal approach to restore function, muscle balance and prevent re-injury.

Online workshop – Ergonomic desk set-up

With most office workers spending almost 75% of their waking hours sitting, an ergonomic desk set up may be the key to warding away those extra aches and pains. Our personalised online workshop ensures your staff are set up correctly and aren’t causing themselves unnecessary harm.

In the workshops, Anne will cover:

  • Seating position
  • Correct and maintainable posture
  • Workspace and desk set-up
  • Positioning of monitors and screens
  • Simple desk stretches to avoid aches and pains
  • Incorporating movement into a busy day

Corporate Offerings

  • Online workshops – Including certificates of completion
    • Ergonomic set-up
    • Mobility and stretching
    • Manual handling
  • Deskercise
  • Injury assessments and short treatments