Company Vision

The Tensegrity Vision:

The Tensegrity vision is to become the leaders in gold standard evidence based care for the treatment of non surgical muscular-skeletal disorders and unite all professions that practice any form of manual and exercise therapy. We are highly knowledgable, highly adaptable and highly accessible.

    Core Tensegrity Missions: descending order of importance

  • Public Education
  • Professional Sport and teams
  • Increasing Accessibility
  • Corporate
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Media
  • Universities

    Core Tensegrity Values: Order not significant

  • Give first in order to receive
  • Be masters of your craft. Learn, practice, teach
  • Integrity and Honesty. Do not lie. Underpromise, overdelive
  • Show respect and be humble
  • Love, care and compassion to those you come in contact with
  • Be reliable and accountable
  • Have fun and laugh
  • Value the importance of time
  • Take time to rest and Play
  • Seize the day. Look for opportunities to help us accomplish our missions


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