Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Massage

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Our chiropractors and Physiotherapists use an evidence-based approach to look beyond the site of pain and find the cause of the dysfunction. They are well equipped with a variety of manual therapy techniques and continuously expanding their knowledge to assist with treating musculoskeletal issues. These include, but are not limited to, soft tissue modalities, active release therapies, trigger point therapy, neuro-kinetic therapy, ice/heat therapy, dry needling, joint mobilisation, cold laser, and muscle rehabilitation exercises.

Cost: Initial Consultation $110, Ongoing Consultations $80

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage focuses on the treatment of muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue. Whether you are after something remedial or relaxation, this is a great way to assist your mind and body in recovery. Techniques that our therapists use include myfascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and assisted/resisted stretches. We are also certified for pregnancy massages.

Cost: 30 minutes $60, 60 minutes $100, 90 minutes $150


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